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科目: 來源:江西省紅色七校2018屆高三第一次聯考英語試卷 題型:閱讀理解

Away with words

The telegraph, an online news service, has teamed up with Saga, which provides products and services only for the over 50s, to hold a new competition to find the best travel writer. Three lucky winners will win a master class with two top Telegraph travel writers before travelling the world with Saga on one of three holidays of great comfort and pleasure. To enter, all you need to do is tell us something mysterious and wonderful about the world of travel—a favorite memory, a humorous tale, an unforgettable occasion or a sight worth writing about.

What we are looking for

You must be able to read not only those signs that help you find your way around but the ones that tell you how the locals tick. You must, in the words of Paul Theroux, an American travel writer, “descibe exactly what you see and give it life with your imgaination”.

In this competition, you can do that in anything from 150 words to 500, but they should be your words, and fresh ones. We do expect you not to hide the truth or the facts about your experience. Beyond that, you can make the most of the freedom travel writing gives you.

You’ll be editor as well as writer, so ensure those eyes are equally fresh when you check and recheck what you’ve written. We will make allowances for the occasional mistake, such as you have “fell” into a river. But we won’t put up with mistakes every few lines.

Terms & conditions

Competitors must be aged 50 years or older.

The judging process is divided into two stages: entries will be hosted on the website for one month. The top 20 articles will then be selected by public vote. The top three winners will be chosen by three judges.

The closing date for entries is August 15.

1.What does the prize for winners include?

A. a chance to learn from excellent writers.

B. the publication of their works.

C. three wonderful holidays.

D. an opportunity to work in the Telegraph.

2.Who will select the final winners?

A. the public. B. Paul Theroux

C. two top Telegraph travel writers D. three chosen judges.

3.What type of writing is this text ?

A. . A nessay B. A travel guide

C. A writing guide D. An announcement


科目: 來源:江西省紅色七校2018屆高三第一次聯考英語試卷 題型:閱讀理解

One cold day last November, my wife and I came home from work to a sick young daughter and we decided to stay at home for the night. Problem was, we had two tickets to see Miranda July, the performance artist, being interviewed at the Herbst Theatre. We decided to sell them online for $50. One hour before the event, a guy named Peter called me and said he wanted to buy the tickets. Since the time was limited, I told Peter to pay me the next day. Peter seemed touched and we said a fond goodbye.

However, a month later, Peter still didn’t pay me back. A few more weeks passed. Another month. There’d been one e-mail promising to mail the check, then silence.

Maybe he was having a hard time, I thought. But truth was, Peter seemed to be having a pretty normal time. According to the pictures and messages on his Facebook, he had been playing golf, dancing happily with his friends, and traveling on a boat. But he just refused to answer my calls, or reply to my e-mails or messages. So I tried reaching him with my wife’s phone one night. And he didn’t pick up when I called,but texted right back, playfully wondering who might be calling him.

“You should go to his office,”my wife said, “He would have to give you the money if all his coworkers were watching.”

But I didn’t want to become a debt collector. My efforts to reach Peter over these months had been light and I wanted to keep it that way. My initial exchange with Peter had been just two regular people agreeing to handle things humanly. There was a rare niceness in that, and I still wanted to keep that balloon in the air, however disappointing it was starting to look. I wanted to believe we could still trust each other.

1.For what reason did the author and his wife decide to sell the ticket?

A. They thought it was too cold that night.

B. They needed to look after their daughter.

C. They wanted to save some money.

D. They were going to be interviewed.

2.On the night the author sold his tickets to Peter, he .

A. knew he might not get the $50. B. felt a little hesitant.

C. thought he could trust Peter. D. was moved by Peter’s kindness.

3.Why didn’t Peter pay the author back?

A. Because he didn’t remember it. B. Because he was too busy to pay.

C. Because he didn’t want to pay. D. Because he was having a tough time.

4.What can we infer about the author?

A. He would never trust strangers.

B. He might call the police for help.

C. He would go to Peter’s office to talk to him.

D. He still hoped Peter would pay him back.


科目: 來源:江西省紅色七校2018屆高三第一次聯考英語試卷 題型:閱讀理解

Crossing your legs is an extremely common habit; most people don't even notice that they're doing it when they sit down. While you may find it comfortable to sit with one knee crossed over the other, it might be causing health problems that you are not aware of.

A study published in Blood Pressure Monitoring stated that sitting with your legs crossed can increase your blood pressure. The reason for this is that the blood in your legs has to work against gravity to be pumped back to your heart and that crossing one leg over the other increases resistance, making it even harder for the blood to circulate. This causes your body to increase your blood pressure to push the blood back to the heart. You won't feel any immediate effects, but repeated, drawn-out increases in blood pressure can cause long-term health issues. So, planning to sit for a long period of time? Don't keep your legs crossed.

Crossing your legs at the knee can also cause pressure on the major nerve in your leg that passes just below your knee and along the outside of your leg, explains Richard Graves, a medical expert. This pressure can cause numbness and temporary paralysis (麻痹) of some of the muscles in your foot and leg, preventing you from being able to raise your ankle—what we know as that “pins and needles” sensation. While the feeling of discomfort may only last a minute or two, repeatedly crossing your legs until they feel numb can cause permanent nerve damage.

So next time you sit down, try to get yourself in the habit of sitting with both of your feet on the floor. Not only will it help your posture and stability, but it will also save your health in the long run.

1.What can we learn about crossing one's legs?

A. It is a very bad social habit.

B. It is usually practiced deliberately.

C. It can make others feel uncomfortable.

D. It can do harm to people's health.

2.According to the study, sitting with your legs crossed can______.

A. resist gravity effectively B. affect your blood pressure

C. lead to heart attacks easily D. improve the function of legs

3.In the third paragraph "pins and needles" probably means______.

A. serious muscle injuries B. being a little nervous

C. slight sharp pains D. being highly flexible

4.What is the main purpose of the text?

A. To give readers some advice. B. To compare common habits.

C. To evaluate effects of an experiment. D. To introduce research methods.


科目: 來源:江西省紅色七校2018屆高三第一次聯考英語試卷 題型:閱讀理解

Imagine looking at something and being able to move it just by using your brain!That is exactly what the new technology called BrainGate can do —with the help of a robotic arm,anyway.

BrainGate is the idea of Professor John Donoghue and his team of researchers at the Brown Institute for Brain Science,USA. BrainGate is attached directly to the brain. First of all,gold wires are put into the part of the brain that controls movement. These are then connected to a small computer chip(芯片) . When the person thinks about different movements,this creates electrical signals,which are picked up by the chip. After this,the signals that are created by the brain are sent back to a computer,which changes the signals into movements. Finally,the computer uses the robotic arm to carry out these movements. BrainGate can already be used to write an e-mail or play computer games,just by brain power.

The technology has already cost millions of dollars to develop and when it is available for use,it will probably cost thousands of dollars per person. There are still many challenges ahead for Donoghue and his team. They are currently planning a mini wireless version,which will allow people to be connected to the computer at all times. Donoghue also dreams of using this technology to help disabled people who can't move their arms or legs. He plans to connect BrainGate directly to their own paralysed limbs(癱瘓的胳膊或腿) .This will mean that the person can control their own body again,without relying on a robotic arm.

This research is attracting the military's (軍方的) attention as well. However,it is easy to understand why scientists might be concerned about how thought-controlled machines could be used by the military.

1.What does the underlined word “These” refer to?

A. Movements. B. Thoughts.

C. Brains D. Wires.

2.What is one of BrainGate's disadvantages?

A. It needs improvement. B. It produces few movements.

C. It is too expensive. D. It is difficult to control.

3.How will Donoghue help disabled people?

A. By developing a wireless version.

B. By replacing their limbs with robotic ones.

C. By making BrainGate smaller.

D. By attaching BrainGate to their bad limbs.

4.What does the military think of thought-controlled machines?

A. They could lead to disasters. B. They would face fierce competition.

C. They could be useful. D. They would be in mass production.


科目: 來源:江西省紅色七校2018屆高三第一次聯考英語試卷 題型:七選五

Do People Need Small Talk to Be Happy?

Psychologists (心理學家)have long said that connecting with others is an important part of happiness, but just how much conversation we require is under examination. In one study, researchers found that small talk made up only 10% of their conversation related with happiness.

1.. Scientists believe that small talk could promote bonding. Late last year, Princeton researchers reported that small talk keeps closeness with loved ones, and isn’t merely the stuff of awkward exchanges with strangers.

Still, chatting with strangers could brighten your morning. In a series of experiments, psychologists gave Chicago passengers different directions about whether to talk with fellow passengers一something they typically avoided.2.. None of the chatters reported being rejected.

Small talk can also help us feel connected to our surroundings. People who smiled at,made eye contact with, and briefly spoke with their Starbucks baristas (服務員)reported a greater sense of belonging than those who rushed through the transaction (交易).3.One report found that when volunteers broke the silence to chat with gallery goers, the visitors felt happier and more connected to the exhibit than those who were not approached.

4..In one study, people who were rated “less curious” by researchers had trouble getting a conversation rolling on their own, and had greater luck building closeness with others when they were supplied with questions that encouraged personal disclosure (透露).But people who were considered “curious” needed no help when transforming conversations about ordinary things into personal exchanges. 5..

A. The same is true of gallery goers.

B. They found that small talk is related with happiness

C. But don’t play down small talk just yet..

D. Of course, some people are better than others at turning small talk into something bigger.

E. A “curious mindset”,the author concluded, can lead to “positive social interactions”.

F. Making small talk is an important skill for all the social situations.

G. Those told to chat with others reported a more pleasant journey.


科目: 來源:江西省紅色七校2018屆高三第一次聯考英語試卷 題型:完形填空

On Dec.13, 2014, Nubia Wilson turned 16. But instead of _________ with an exciting Sweet 16 birthday party, the California teen devoted this milestone to ________the lives of orphans in Ethiopia.

Through several summers of volunteer work at an Ethiopia orphanage, Nubia learned firsthand the severe poverty so many children _______. In an email to The Huffington Post, Nubia said that she was _______ struck by the children’s lack of access to _______ — their school only went through the fourth grade.

Over the course of her volunteer work, Nubia became interested in one ________, Hermela. She writes:

Out of the many students in the kindergarten class, Hermela became __________ and attached to me to a point where it was becoming __________ for both of us to leave each other. She is now in the second grade. The thought of Hermela not being able to have her meal and ________ education after the fourth grade became ________ and I knew I had to do something.

That’s when Nubia decided that she didn’t want a traditional Sweet 16.________, she wanted to use the money her parents would have spent on a party to establish _______grade class for Hermela and other kids.

“The money could provide a(n) ________ solution that will serve for many years compared to the one-day ________ of my party,”Nubia wrote to Huffpost Live. In short, I want Hermela to continue _____________.”

After telling friends and family her _____, Nubia set up a(n) ________ page “Keep Hermela Smiling” on CrowdRise. Her ________ will raise funds for the Fregenet Foundation, which funds education and community services in Ethiopia.

So far, Nubia has _________ $2,781 of her $10,000 goal. Nubia says that her parents have been extremely ________; they’re selling most of their Ethiopian artifacts to help raise funds.

Nubia’s birthday may not have been a party, but it’s truly a celebration.

1.A. communciating B. celebrating C. competing D. compromising

2.A. experiencing B. enjoying C. rescuing D. improving

3.A. concern B. discuss C. face D. describe

4.A. hopefully B. slightly C. particularly D. quietly

5.A. exploration B. education C. experimemt D. entertainment

6.A. teacher B. doctor C. student D. parent

7.A. close B. mean C. funny D. polite

8.A. difficult B. strange C. possible D. boring

9.A. provide B. leave C. receive D. finish

10.A. unimaginable B. unimportant C. unnecessary D. uncomfortable

11.A. Besides B. Instead C. Therefore D. However

12.A. sixth B. fifth C. fourth D. third

13.A. early B. technical C. simple D. lasting

14.A. relief B. pleasure C. honor D. trouble

15.A. yelling B. smiling C. talking D. crying

16.A. belief B. need C. secret D. plan

17.A. question B. devotion C. donation D. appreciation

18.A. story B. school C. campaign D. family

19.A. earned B. borrowed C. raised D. lent

20.A. effective B. supportive C. creative D. sensitive


科目: 來源:江西省紅色七校2018屆高三第一次聯考英語試卷 題型:短文填空

As we all know,Hangzhou, a beautiful city, won the bid1.September 16th 2015. Thus, it will be the third Chinese city  2.(host) the games.

Hangzhou is a beautiful city with a long history. Hosting the Asian Games will give it a new look.3. the event will cost the government a lot, the benefits are easy for us to see. To the citizens in Hangzhou, the best part of it is that it will give us the chance to watch world-class matches and 4.(compete) close to home. Secondly, there is no doubt 5. the event will attract more visitors to enjoy  6. (visit) this wonderful city. At the same time, it is good for the development of the tourism. Meanwhile, as the construction goes on, more roads  7.(build) and the Metro system will be expanded,  8. can reduce traffic jams.

In the next few years, Hangzhou will try its best to prepare  9. for the big show. 10. splendid Hangzhou is waiting to see you in 2022.


科目: 來源:江西省紅色七校2018屆高三第一次聯考英語試卷 題型:短文改錯







Sometimes people are mean to others who are smarter or different from them. It makes them feel powerfully or in control. But if they take time to get to know that person, they may become friends!

Try not to show angers towards kids who are being mean to you. Standing up tall and walk away can work really well. Not getting a reaction from them takes away the fun for them. They may stop unless they see what they are doing don’t bother you. If kids continue to be mean, try to talk about them. Being calm and firm but nice. It is hard to be mean to someone is being nice. However, if you ever feel threatened or in the danger, tell an adult right away.


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